Tune your website to deliver
optimum performance and quality

Get blazing-fast speed with premium services.


Get plans tailored for your needs

Server clusters with high availability
and flexibility for exceptional performance

Get ultimate uptime with the server clusters featuring superior availability. Scale your business and grow your website rapidly with the custom-built that fits your hosting needs. Manage mission-critical websites with a Germany Server.

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Intuitive controls deliver unmatched web experience
and stride with the advanced pace

The 10gbps server Germany features a friendly control panel that is custom-made. Get all the necessary tools in one place to manage your website with utmost efficiency. Work with the latest technologies to provide the best to your visitors.

A perfect blend of expert
support and security

A Webhosting service packed with features is still missing something if it does not provide security and customer support. Get robust support and high-tech security packed with 10gbps server Netherlands.

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Enterprise-grade web Germany server hosting for a robust platform

Access Control

Create passwords to limit the access to your account limited aspects. Apart from the master password, you can create different passwords for server administration 

Intuitive cPanel

Manage your websites, emails, domains, resources from a central location. Get advanced cPanel interface with 10gbps dedicated server easy configuration.

Maximum Control

The users get ultimate control and unfettered access over the Germany server and hosting services. Get managed hosting solutions with dedicated server hosting.


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We are there at your disposal to assist you every time. Feel free to approach us whenever you need.

How do dedicated hosting
services function?

The physical servers are reserved with dedicated hosting. It simplifies monitoring and personalizing the server environment in numerous ways. Also, it gives access to increased speed and optimum performance.

How can I make the payment
for the plan I am choosing?

We provide a range of payment methods. You can pay us via credit card, debit card, PayPal, UPI, and internet banking. If you face any difficulty in the process, our customer support is just a call away.

How do managed and
unmanaged hosting differ?

The unmanaged dedicated server rents you a blank Germany server, and you can customize it as per your requirements. On the other hand, managed hosting allows you to enjoy effortless hosting as the team of experts will manage your server.

What is the appropriate time to
contact 10gbps-server if I need assistance?

Feel free to contact us anytime, any day, every time, and every time. We are always enthusiastic to address your concerns. You can reach out to us at any time of the day and any day of the week. We are always all ears and ready to help.

How do I migrate to 10gbps-server.com?

If you have already registered with a hosting provider and are thinking of switching to 10gbps-server, you will need some aid. We provide flawless and convenient migration services.

Do I receive a dedicated IP
address with the hosting solutions?

We provide dedicated IP with dedicated server web hosting solutions. You can run your web server, FTP server, and email server with a dedicated IP address.